Our comprehensive stabilisation services saves time, money and improving the strength, durability and consistency of the sub grade and pavement. It reduces the environmental impact of road construction and reducing your carbon footprint in your community. 

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Our Project and Quality Management with our Full Construction Services and our other services provides a personalised tailored approach to Our Clients

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Our Qualified Civil & Chemical Engineers can assist with design, testing and material advice providing our clients with a specialised consulting services.

Contact Our specialist technical team today to discuss your next project....

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19010 m2 In-Situ Cement Stabilisation of Areyonga Aerodrome Upgrade, 220 km West of Alice Springs NT.


Stabilco provides soil & pavement stabilisation, we have the largest fleet of purpose built

stabilisation equipment and expertise to make your next project a success!

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 What We Do Best

A new channel cuts into 13,400ha of new farm land in the Ord Valley near Kununurra, WA. Picture: Nathan Dyer.

Who We Are?

Stabilco, Lime and Cement Specialist Soil Stabilisation National Company.

Our company goal is to maintain our status as the market leader in stabilisation and achieve growth by promoting the industry in Australia.

At Stabilco we have talented individuals with extensive industry experience and the expertise to deliver all aspects of stabilisation projects.

As part of The Stabil-Lime Group of Companies, we are AS/NZS ISO Quality  Assured and committed to high standard of health & safety, quality and environment culture. 

Our Management Teams provide our Clients with end to end project management, operations and quality control. Our Support Teams provide our Clients with project administration and specialised support services such as Chemical and Civil Engineering technical advice.




Why Choose Us


We are committed to delivering quality, value and safety throughout our services providing integrated project solutions.  We are proud to be a specialist stabilisation company with over 30 years of experience, we pride ourselves on taking challenging jobs whether it be location, climate, soil conditions or producing an outcome fit for purpose that meets our clients objects. 


Our talented employees have extensive industry experience and the expertise to execute and deliver all aspects of our Clients Projects. Our strengths in the engineering and project management can be utilised across the various disciplines and the unique skillsets of the Field staff and Supervision across each division enable our employees to drive continuous improvement and quality and thats what give us the competitive edge.


We have developed a reputation as the leader in delivering a wide variety of projects in NSW, NT, QLD, WA & VIC, especially in challenging environments. We are environmentally sustainable through our recycling pavement process and uphold a conscious approach with all community environmental management matters. Our workmanship is backed with a full QA, Safety and Environmental system, we are AS/NZS ISO quality assured.


Safety has become our way of life. We enable our employees to drive continuous improvement, safety culture and strongly believe everyone is responsible for leading safety. Together we seek out and correct all unsafe behaviours, situations and aim for zero injuries


We have won in recent years with our proven commitment to OH&S, also establishing us as a Safety Leader within the industry, Industry Awards in 2015, 2016 & 2017 and Caterpillar Award for WHS by AustStab and Caterpillar Award for Innovation and Excellence in Sustainability by AustStab.

We have CAL accreditation and Office Federal Safety Commissioner Accreditation along with Industry Prequalifications (VicRoads) National prequalification and mutual recognition with NSW Roads & Martime Services, SA Department of Planning & Transport, Mainroads WA, and various of councils, private companies throughout Australia.

Our promise is to build community value into every project while delivering professional expertise, exceptional customers service and quality construction.